Saturday, May 25, 2013


Somewhere beyond this static
There is a tempo and it moves me
Hidden like a fairy tale melody
Sleeping soundly till its silence no longer soothes me
Looking back and forth to find nothing
But dirty distractions that haunt me
Because they want all of me, and I none of them
Caught in the eye of the storm and it won't blink
Dry as a dessert, nothing lives here
I implore nevermore that I want more
Learned long ago no one is listening
To these phone calls
To these text messages
To these love letters
Failure to communicate
These walls they hold me
So tight I can only dream of letting go
Something has to break
Watch this house of cards fail to stand firm and fall
Pain in the neck caused by watching
& waiting for an illuminated phone
I am a compass with no directional rose
Just another Pip waiting on Estella to come back home
And show a shine to the person lost so long ago
Maybe help me refresh my mind
And remind me of times without
All these phone calls
All these text messages
All these love letters
Failure to communicate
The floor creaks as I pace back and forth
Killing all my time till doing nothing is okay
Face permanently sour like a lemon licking a lime
Depression is never far away and reminds me everyday
A mind that is too stubborn to shut down and die
Creation my only distraction but the hearts not in it today
Art created just to create
Like a belly feed just to eat
I take the cattle out to slaughter
And feed the calf all the meat
But still I wait on

A phone call
A text message
A love letter
Failure to communicate