Wednesday, July 24, 2013


As wings spread like fire and burn in desires name
The air grows tighter, sucked into shallow flames
No profit from the travel, this is no poor mans game
Only the paper plane that unravels shows any kind of gain
Fist clenched too tight, eyes too tired to see
Is it her face that's a blur, or the love she shows for me
Been down too long to have any kind of faith
To anything more alive than this coffin that I chase
As liquid light leaves salty parallel lines on burnt cheeks
Unaware of any moisture till I'm drowning in my own personal sea
I brought myself to this mountain, it was my idea to climb
But the higher this body gets, the less the mind knows why
This can only end badly, air too thin for two
Yet I'd still drag on asphyxiated, if I thought it was just me and you
Eventually the trail will weaken, inevitably the excess of feet will cause a slip
Personally trained myself not to get caught holding anymore weight than I can lift
Learned to love letting go, now it's hard to get any kind of grip
To anything more than this borrowed pen holstered to my hip
But still I ache for a link to connect this dirty chain
But I can never seem to shake the rust that keeps my heart shackled solo to this pain

Saturday, July 20, 2013

knock, knock... who's there?

She was one mess of an insurgent, highly volatile detergent
A support beam in the wind who dreamed of getting bent
Easily destroyed by the weight of life
Singing with her finger tips to anyone who would hear her strife
Consistently confusing attention for attraction
A gold fish in a bag looking for distraction
But heavy came the weight of the fish bowl
Fuck your plastic pirate ship, this is not home
We all swim but some of us forget to sink
It's not a bad tidbit of knowledge to know how bad the toilet stinks
I'm not saying that defeat is the option
But sometimes you gotta knock if you want in
Knock, knock, ones home
Knock, knock, knock... no ones home, for you no more
Dirty come the deeds that we do dependently
Life ain't a fairy tale, this ain't serendipity
A forest planted too thick, how did we ever expect to see
Beyond the cluster that this paper makes for you and me
We could climb tall trees until there's no more sky
But could it ever be enough to satisfy dead eyes
Fire fuels the greed, fooled into lust
Why is it so easy to love, but so hard to trust
A rubber tire only stays round for so long
The road wears and tares until the true shape is gone
Sometimes no matter how hard a man tries not to fight
It ends with two crossed swords in the dead of night
Knock, knock, ones home
Knock, knock, knock... no ones home, for you no more
The light burned blue on her little pale face
Addicted to the heat, omitting with no trace
Never one to be static, toes not known to grace the same space
She stretched herself so thin she no longer had a waist
But needy girls are never satisfied with just one man
Ears perked up for the ring,  telephone glued in hand
Sending secret text messages to one then the other
An under cover lover under far too many covers
I guess you gotta learn to move quick before the guns inevitable bang
Every day has a number, every bullet a name
Insurance could have had your back if you had ever filed the claim
The mailman won this battle, the guard dogs been maimed
Knock, knock, ones home
Knock, knock, knock... no ones home, for you no more

Friday, July 5, 2013

the cutter

Fingers under knives
We cut just to change the print
Blackened nails hold deep to fault lines
Giving way to the chipped bone below
This is that situation in which you wouldn’t want to be left alone
Showing compassion like a mongoose to a snake
Server all social niceties and let instinct take hold
Once captivating colors lose all meaning
Favorite shade becomes the tone of the skin of the backside of your eyelids
Opened just to wipe the excess build up away
Letting tears form just to clean the narrow pathway
Not capable of feeling anything more than your empty breaths
Dulling all senses in that hollow chest
Like cripples in the sand, we just can’t seem to stand
As we slowly sink away