Wednesday, July 24, 2013


As wings spread like fire and burn in desires name
The air grows tighter, sucked into shallow flames
No profit from the travel, this is no poor mans game
Only the paper plane that unravels shows any kind of gain
Fist clenched too tight, eyes too tired to see
Is it her face that's a blur, or the love she shows for me
Been down too long to have any kind of faith
To anything more alive than this coffin that I chase
As liquid light leaves salty parallel lines on burnt cheeks
Unaware of any moisture till I'm drowning in my own personal sea
I brought myself to this mountain, it was my idea to climb
But the higher this body gets, the less the mind knows why
This can only end badly, air too thin for two
Yet I'd still drag on asphyxiated, if I thought it was just me and you
Eventually the trail will weaken, inevitably the excess of feet will cause a slip
Personally trained myself not to get caught holding anymore weight than I can lift
Learned to love letting go, now it's hard to get any kind of grip
To anything more than this borrowed pen holstered to my hip
But still I ache for a link to connect this dirty chain
But I can never seem to shake the rust that keeps my heart shackled solo to this pain


  1. someone's a glutton for you think the words would leave you if you let it go? Which is more worth it...pain and words? Or the freedom love can bring.

    1. The ravens only answer is "nevermore"

  2. "...quoth the raven 'nevermore'"

  3. No! Please don't tell me you no longer write! Your words are beautiful, haunting. They remind me of someone I knew a long time ago!

  4. Well aren't you just a bundle of fun times!