Friday, June 3, 2011


Chasing the hour glass nightly, I slam it till it’s gone
Wonder silently am I the only one wound this tightly
Eventually I gotta give, stop this dreaming, start to live
This battle ax is starting to make its mark
Leaving me blind as a deaf bat wearing ear muffs
No longer seeing straight, can’t seem to relate
Going out in public awkward, too creepy to get a date
It’s like the only thing that gets me past these crowds is booze
And then it seems I’m just acting loud and rude
But I really can’t complain, it’s worked damn well in the past
I’ve found the best loves of my life being a drunken ass
But I’m getting too old to still be acting like I have no class
I want that part of me dead, his life to pass
And no I’m not trying to hate, yeah those days were a blast
I’m just ready to grow and stop relying on an empty glass
I wanna meet a pretty girl dead sober
And still have the courage to ask if she’d like to come over
Lie like spoons and watch horror movies on my sofa
I’m not trying to rule your world; I just wanna get to know ya
These are the visions that now make me weak in my knees
Wanting to be part of a love that won’t break apart on me
Finding some love for myself inside this empty cart
So maybe things won’t always end with two broken hearts
And maybe it’s needy that I’m now so fixated on love
Like it’s a drug I use to erase the hold of old gloves
But it is and always was; yeah that is nothing new for me
It’s always been my only enjoyable reason for being
So till then I’ll lie in bed and pretend I’m sleeping
When actually I’m tossing and turning while day dreaming
Of my next dose of female attention, my favorite drug
The only side effect is I have a hard time falling out of love

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