Friday, June 3, 2011

keep it short

Oh how I love those little emails, it’s so tempting
I have so much to say, but no I’ll keep it short
Cause after all I am a whore for the attention
And if I want to play this game I have to keep it short
You must know what you’re doing, you can’t be that blind
You’ve lived long enough and hard enough to know this isn’t right
To still contact me even if it isn’t over a want for me
I just don’t understand it, maybe I’m the one not seeing things right
Anyone else in your shoes would sever all ties
Delete the phone number, email and forget the website
How else are you supposed to start a new life with your new guy
It makes me wonder if you did the same thing to me in my time
With all the guys that came before me and my time
But oh well, why should I care now, it’s no longer my time to shine
I’m now just the fly in the ointment, infecting with flight
And for some unknown reason you keep putting time aside to write
To a love you walked out on like you were just saying goodnight
Not even a Dear John note to say goodbye and burn for spite
No you just left for work never again to be seen by my eyes
“Have a nice day, baby. I love you”
Those last words I kissed off your lips and still fight
I hear them laugh in my face when I go to lay my head at night
Three little words I can’t block out because they’re just too bright
But I admit it was our time for execution
I treated you like dirt and gave no promises or solutions
Never even tried to fix the problems or make decisions
Just expected you to stay after countless break ups for no good reasons
Fourth time was the charm, LA gave that final break
Flew back home cold and alone wondering if things would be the same
But the song had been sung, and with my return came a change
I knew deep down in my heart I’d killed our flame
And that what I found inside had come too late and would be a waste
And in those last few weeks feelings started to uncover
That took you leaving so abruptly for me to discover
Buried under all my selfishness and greed
Lays a person who truly wants nothing more then to be
A part of a love that isn’t forced and feels complete
And the truth is you gave all of that to me
I was just to busy chasing ghosts to clearly see
So now you’re just another ghost haunting me
And I’m the guy you text when your boyfriend’s being mean
How funny and ironic that guy used to be me
Just makes me wonder what the guy before me
Thought about the texts to sent to him about me
And when he asked you to come over did you say maybe
Or say I wish I could be he is here with me
Or sneak off to act out your revenge on me
The part the eats at me is I wouldn’t believe you now either way
The way you ended things has left you and your actions a stranger to me
And I’m not sure if I’ll every trust another word you say
But still my love for you won’t let me walk any further away
And I’m not prepared to be that guy, but I’m falling in
Erased all your info to keep from stalking you
But when you text and email I can’t help but respond to all of them
It’s just so hard to turn that love off, when I feel I could still win
It’s not a game if only one person is playing
A love that wasn’t forced is hard to reject, again and again
It’s hard to say no to a girl I actually loved as a friend
As I pretend I don’t still think about you, with every day rise and day end
Always trying to keep it short, waiting for the next game to begin

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