Friday, June 3, 2011

prison planet

We hide together from each other
In this prison we’ve made
Wrapped in hiding love from a lover
Such a hollow game to play
And in this darkness that we lay
We forget to give and only take
So wrapped up in lying to each other
The truth slips away

Lying captive, sinking away

A taste like poison soon takes over
Just to numb the pain
From words that cut on the way out
Almost to sharp to say
Leaving ears that fear and hear them
No longer willing to be near them
Words that should be silenced
Will find their way to solace

Lying captive, sinking away

To this wall we have been chained
No windows will change a thing
The sights we see through them
Will only push us further away
Looking for pillows to grace gentle
As we’re released to live separately
Free to start a new life
If we can just walk away

Lying captive, sinking away

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