Friday, May 27, 2011


A curious mouse once had a notion to dine on blood, leave the cheese for grilled sandwiches and the crumbs for the birds. Unfortunately, she found herself stumped at where to begin. What type of prey may she catch with no delay? For, although this idea was the first of its kind, it seems she craved it all along, but had never been any wiser of it than at this very moment. As she pondered her time she slipped her way into the shadows pacing with no track of the pace she paced. So unaware of where she lie she stepped into a web of some kind and the plan for prey was now clearer than day. She would feed on the spider, an easy enough prey, small enough to not put up a fight, but big enough to satisfy her cravings in every way. So she waited in the dark, anticipating the return of her meal on eight legs, when along came the fly, to busy to notice the death web that was laid. No sooner did the fly become one with the web, than the spider peaked out his curious head to see what lay on his plate today. Unaware he was the second course, and his meal was another's bait, he pursued with no delay to take down his prey. But as he took his last bite the mood seemed to change. A shadow was cast and a warm breeze now seemed to ride up his hind, and the mouse, now close enough to smell the blood of her bait, attacked with no hesitation. But the spider saw the shadow, felt the breath, and quickly countered the attack, biting the mouse with two pierced fangs, leaving two blood red dots were once was skin, and the smell of venom now lingered in the air. Not counting on this the mouse jumped back in pain, realizing the poison would surly kill she dammed herself and the spider for her careless ways. But in one last attempt to have her life ending craving, she dove and bit off all eight of the spider's legs. Now lifeless, drowning in poison and pain, they laid eye to eye able to see into and past the sight of one another, able to see the others life, love and dreams. And they realized they are one in the same, they have both just met and killed the only creature on their earth that could have truly loved them. Maybe not a perfect match, one being a mouse and the other a spider, but still, none the less a perfect match of the heart, mind and soul. So now they stared eye to eye, able to give no more than a paralyzed, glazed over thought. They both now truly know that out of life, they only got one wish they truly wanted. To die with the one, whose soul they once kissed, eye to eye.

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