Tuesday, May 24, 2011

salt water battery

I got one more inside before my head explodes so I hit reload and prey you don’t find me hiding in trees with birds making nests with broken branches caught scratching my back with dead leaves. Peel back the bark and find the rings of time and write my name around the lines before I die and an invisible god forgets my name. Put pressure to the eye pushing the scope deeper inside as the bruise spreads my sight allowing me to see the future in the smoke dancing from the gun. Give a sigh and salute to the unlucky animals who lost their heads just to end up frozen on a hunters living room wall. It makes me yawn, and think on, and write on, knowing the words in this head were not meant to be mass feed. Just a pile of lies washed down with whine editable to only me and those blind enough to still care. So take a long hard look into the poisons we cook adding self loathing to the mix just to spice up the blend. Let the world get a taste; pass the joint, pre-laced, let the weakest fall unconscious as we rape their day. Let them wake to black eyes, hard times and bruises on the inside spitting up blood which is no longer theirs to wipe away. Waiting for a monster to come, a Dracula to suck up that unwanted blood, a King Kong to carry you away so we can all see up that dress and know the panties are gone and your soul it lives on breathing fire in the mouth of the dragon who wants nothing more then to fly away. Throw their bodies in the sky and toss riders from their sides, just another case of guy on ground, trying to get up but only finding wobbly knees too weak to support the strain. Instead grass meets with caboose and the train leaves the station just in time for the coal to make a break for the light of day. Running away with the cat and the spoon and the wife who never loved you, don’t let the confusion and frustration lead you somewhere you never wanted to be. So strap your shoes with dynamite and blast into the sea, never to be seen or loved again, just to find the salt water washes all the pain away. So now you’re there, remove the shoes, but keep still in case a shark is watching you, as you let the cold water fill your lungs and you remember how to breathe…

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